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Clean Code Evangelist.

Independent Trainer/Coach. Lead Architect at IBM. Spoke at 10 international conferences last year (including big ones like Devoxx and JPoint).

Trained for the last 5 years (including University). Programmed hard for the last 12.

Charismatic guy, funny and enthusiastic.


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Functional Programming Patterns with Java8


After leading 2 projects making heavy use of Lambdas and Streams, counseling many others at IBM, and teaching hundreds of developers at University and as an Independent Trainer, Victor will prove several best practices, patterns and anti-patterns he distilled over the years. All via a series of live coding exercises, like you've probably never saw in your life!

You will hear about: Bloated Lambdas, A Happy Predicate, Stream Wrecks, How to Kill The Biggest Bug, Monads, Passing-a-block, The Loan Pattern, and 5 Ways to Implement Type-Specific Logic. Of course, as a Clean Code Maniac, Victor will always strive for maintainable, readable, elegant code.

PS: You know, some Joe will maintain your Java8 code at some point. So let's just hope Joe would be a nice safe guy...