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From gama-soft (indipendent consultant)

Uberto is an expert on designing and building software products, currently working with finance institutions in London. He has more than two decades experience, in many industries in building great sw products. He is practicing TDD and Agile since 2001. He writes technical articles, regularly speaks at conference around Europe and organises courses. Last but not least he is a passionate polyglot programmer, he started as a kid with a ZxSpectrum he hopes to continue for many years to come.

Blog: http://www.gama-soft.co.uk/

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It's All About Morphisms


A gentle introduction to Category Theory for programmers used to OOP but interested in Functional Programming. No Haskell or other functional languages knowledge required. We will explain main concepts behind functional programming with many diagrams and simple metaphors and examples. Some code will clarify how to translate these ideas in programs. We will explain why Monoids and Monads are “mono”? What is the difference between a function and a functor? And what is a Category anyway? We believe that understanding the foundations of categories can help anyone to improve their programming skills. Finally we will look at some different possible strategies to apply these concept to real world programming and comparing them to classical OOP approach. Examples in Java and Kotlin with Vavr and Kategory libraries.