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Steve Poole is a DevOps practitioner (leading a large team of engineers on cutting edge DevOps exploitation ) and a long time IBM Java developer, leader and evangelist. He’s been working on IBM Java SDKs and JVMs since Java was less than 1. He's also had time to work on other things including representing IBM on various JSRs, being a committer on various open source projects including ones at Apache, Eclipse and OpenJDK. He’s also member of the Adopt OpenJDK group championing community involement in OpenJDK. Steve is a seasoned speaker and regular presenter at JavaOne and other conferences on technical and software engineering topics.


method_archi Methodology & Culture

Blind Ignite

Ignite Sessions

5 minutes, 20 slides, autoforwarding every 15 seconds. What could ever go wrong? Oh, and the speaker has never seen the slides before. Easy!

geek Mind the Geek

Beyond the PI - what’s next for the hacker in all of us?

BOF (Birds of a Feather)

Being a geek can be a tough life. Once you’ve got those LEDs blinking or that robot car moving around the fun can be over. So what else is there to play with? What other exciting ideas are out there? For the geek at heart this talk will showcase some of the new and newish tech thats available for you to play with. From AR to VR, from Mind control to autonomous drones we have a lot of everything and some of it will even be on display. Whether it’s tech you can wear or tech that swims we’ve got the insight. Bring your mind and let us refuel your imagination. Drooling optional.

security Security

Java application security the hard way - a workshop for the serious developer

Hands-on Labs

Cybercrime is rising at an alarming rate. As a Java developer you know you need to be better informed about security matters but it’s hard to know where to start. This workshop will help you understand how to improve the security of your application through a series of demonstration hacks and related hands on exercises. Serious though the topic is, this practical session will be fun and will leaving you more informed and better prepared. Start building your security memory muscle here

cloud Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

Are you ready for Cloud-Native Java?


Cloud-Native. It's a great term, one that promises significant benefits for Java developers and Java applications. However there are traps for the unwary traveller undertaking this journey. It's best to be prepared and forewarned. In this talk hear more about what Cloud-Native Java looks like, and how it can differ from what you might be expecting. From application to JVM to hosting environment, there are challenges to face and obstacles to overcome before you've reached your goal. This talk will educate and remind you of the important points to be aware of, and will offer an opinionated view of the open technologies you should be including in your travel bag.

Whether a new starter or an old hand, this session will leave you thinking differently about Cloud-Native Java!