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Director of Engineering at MyLife Digital building the Consentric platform, a population scale solution to empower individuals with control of their private data, adding meaning and value to relationships with online services they trust.


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GDPR: Getting Data Privacy Right


Do you store or process users' personal data? Do you take sufficient care of their data to deserve their trust? This session will summarise the regulatory and ethical obligations of working with personal data. We'll translate the legal framework into a common sense approach, and some pragmatic guidance to help developers and architects adapt to the new environment.

  • Data privacy howlers! There are plenty of recent examples of privacy breaches that we can all learn from.
  • Regulation. Jargon free guide to Citizen rights, GDPR and ePrivacy.
  • Privacy by Design. Know your data, architect for privacy, and be accountable to users.
  • UX design. Capturing consent and progressive disclosure.
  • Development Processes. Designing and maintaining compliant systems.
  • Compliance. Finding a pragmatic route to compliance for data controllers and data processors.