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Scott Sosna
Scott Sosna

From Dell Computers

I'm currently the Lead Architect for the Compellent/Storage Center product for Dell EMC, and have worked for multiple business and software shops in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, almost totally Java-based in the last 15+ years (and plan to keep it that way). My outside interests are almost all technical, such as creating an online radio station for my personal music collection or trying to figure out a way to use a RPi to control my model trains: there's always something new and interesting to dive into.

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Open Data And Visualizing with Neo4j

Quickie Sessions

In recent years the Open Data movement has exploded as governments and public agencies publish more and more diverse data. Public transport data is probably the most well known, consumed by any number of applications to help you get from point A to point B, but much other information is available: crime statistics, pollution levels, traffic accidents, real-time 911 calls.

Finding an interesting data set is only the beginning, the next challenge is doing something interesting. One approach is to map data into Neo4J and visualize the relationships in the Neo4J browser and query the data to show interesting subsets.

This presentation will introduce you to the Open Data movement and provide places to start for finding something of interest. I'll then use one to populate Neo4J with nodes and relationships via Java and then show the results in the Neo4J browser.