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Sarah is a Senior Developer within the Digital Solutions Unit at Capgemini, specialising in the use of leading edge technologies and agile delivery processes to develop business solutions for large private and public sector organisations. She has 1.5 decades' experience of developing applications across multiple technology stacks. She has seen distributed architectures evolve from the days of stored procedures called by servlets returning HTTP strings, to AngularJS and RESTful JSON with NoSQL data sources. She is a self proclaimed Agile Evangelist, and holds a first class honours degree in Computer Science.


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Life on PaaS – using our development skills in the NoCode world



Can that really be true?

Recently, within Capgemini, we tried to understand why the development community is so big on sharing knowledge, compared with other communities. The kudos you get from sharing code has a greater value to your career than the code itself. With sites like Stack Exchange, you can download every snippet of code you’ll ever need. Add this to the Open Source movement, and the growing number of products which generate code from diagrams and GUIs, and the scary conclusion drawn was exactly that: writing code has become an indulgence and not a necessity.

So, what IS of value in what we do?

Through a study of PaaS “citizen integrator” projects that didn’t require any code to be written at all, I’ll try and distil the skills that underly our job description as developers.