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Sadiq holds a PhD in Autonomous Robotics and has for years consulted for multi-national companies designing and implementing highly scalable intelligent platforms. His experience has included deep learning systems, embedded platforms, desktop and mobile games development.


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Optimising Java - a brief tour of the JVM On release Java was slow but today it can give performance comparable to C++ and emit instructions more optimal than code that is statically compiled. But how does the JVM Optimise Java? We’ll take a tour of a simple code example, the journey to the JVM & the optimisations in between

Moving to G1GC - An Experience Report With Java 9, the G1GC replaced the Parallel collector as default. The hype surrounding this change suggests that G1GC is the best collector ever. Let’s explore the reality, looking at experiences moving applications from CMS to G1GC in real production environments. The implications go beyond performance

Production Profiling: What, Why and How You want to understand what an application is doing in production, but this information is often invisible. Profilers tell you what code your application is running but few developers profile and mostly on their development environments. Production profiling is now a practical reality that can help avoid performance problems

Collaborative Performance Diagnostics See how your knowledge about the JVM, Garbage Collectors and Profiling can be combined to diagnose performance problems