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Ruth is a Sr. Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft; and founder of Ruth specializes in Java, Cloud, Advanced Analytics, Data Platforms and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

She graduated from University of Minnesota with a B.S. in computer science. She has worked for great companies like UNISYS, ACCENTURE and DIRECTV over the years where she gained a lot of experience with software architectural design and programming.


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How to use AI and Java to train your application to recognize people by name, regardless of Aging and Weight changes


Let's "face" it,... people's faces change over a period of time which makes facial recognition solutions difficult or inaccurate. In this session, I will demo how to use Artificial Intelligence and build a Java application that detects and tags people's faces by name. Then, I will use java to Train various images of each a person’s face to be easily detected, recognized, searched and identified by name. I will show scenarios where this is useful when a person ages, loses/gains weight, hair etc over time. Finally, I will show how a person can by detected and identified in a crowd as well using this AI application.