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Paul King has been contributing to open source projects for nearly 30 years and is an active committer on numerous projects including Groovy, GPars and Gradle. Paul speaks at international conferences, publishes in software magazines and journals, and is a co-author of Manning’s best-seller: Groovy in Action, 2nd Edition.


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Functional Groovy


There are many advantages to writing programs using a functional style. Groovy is a multi-faceted language which supports both functional and imperative styles of programming. This talk looks at how to use Groovy while adhering to the most popular functional programming idioms.

Topics covered include using closures, currying and partial evaluation, closure composition, Groovy meta-programming and type checking tricks for the functional programmer, recursion, trampolining, using Java functional libraries, immutable data structures, lazy and infinite lists and leveraging Java8 lambdas.

lang Programing Languages

Make your testing Groovy

Hands-on Labs

This workshop explores using the Groovy scripting language as the basis for Agile testing. It covers tools, libraries and techniques for Unit and Behavior-driven development (BDD) style testing.

The goal is to show how an open source scripting language such as Groovy can be useful for your testing but many of the ideas are applicable to any language and toolset. It covers different runners like JUnit, TestNG, Spock, auxiliary libraries like Geb as well as techniques like all combinations, all-pairs and property-based testing.