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Matt Doyle is a leading technology speaker with a strong focus on all things user-friendly. Throughout his career, Matt has been at the forefront of technology and industry. Speaking on leadership skills and strategic planning Matt helps create a movement within an organisation. He is an expert in leading product design and development and works alongside development teams to create cutting-edge tools and technologies. Matt is a founding partner and CEO of data collection and automation platform Launchcloud. With Launchcloud, Matt works with companies of all sizes to transform their digital efficiency and automation. He regularly works with some of the world's largest brands, such as Coke, Heineken and Nintendo.


method_archi Methodology & Culture

Not can but should we build it? Lean Design driven development


Being able to build it is not enough anymore. Gone are the days when the decision was of can we build it but should we build it?

Designers and developers need to work together more so than ever before, to listen hard change fast.

This talk will cover how the product team dynamic is changing and why your design team needs to take the lead on what should be built.

Questions: How can we use lean process to deploy quicker How can teams make smart calls on what to build when? Why are designers the new tech leads? Why Usability engineering is the new UX.