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Martijn Verburg is the co-founder & CEO of jClarity - a Java/JVM performance tools company. He is the co-leader for the LJC (aka London JUG), from which he runs the global Adopt OpenJDK and Adopt a JSR programmes, two open source projects (PCGen and Ikasan EIP), and is a bartender at the Javaranch. You can also find him answering thorny questions at the Programmers StackExchange.

He's a regular speaker at conferences (FOSDEM, JavaOne, OSCON, Devoxx etc) and is the co-author of "The Well-Grounded Java Developer" (Manning publications).

Martijn was recently selected a Java Champion in recognition for his contribution to the Java ecosystem There are rumors that he might be the infamous Diabolical Developer, but that's clearly just a lie.


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The Java Council

Closing Keynote

To round out Devoxx UK 2018, join this fun, entertaining and enlightening session from the Virtual JUG Java Council Jedis, Martijn Verburg, Simon Maple, Trisha Gee and special guests. You'll see ignite talks, Java rockstars on stage, interviews with top Java leaders and lighthearted panel discussions and tech laughs.

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The Diabolical Developer's Guide to Surviving Java 9 and 10


Java 10 has come hot on the heels of Java 9 which means double the upgrade fun! Java 9 came with a new modularity system (Jigsaw) which has strict restrictions on the runtime and compile time access for of internal libraries (such as sun.misc.Unsafe), a new REPL (JShell), a change of the default garbage collector to G1, and much more! All of this means that Java 9/10 is the most breaking release since Java 5 introduced generics. In this session, the Diabolical Developer presents a pragmatic guide to migrating your apps to Java 9/10 and how to avoid the common pitfalls. He covers how to still gain access to those restricted internal libraries, how to deal with the performance impact of moving to G1, how to split your app to use both the classpath approach and the new modularization approach, and more. Leave this session with the confidence to move to Java 9/10!