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Mark Sims
Mark Sims

From University of Leicester

Professor of Astrobiology and Space Instrumentation, Mark Sims has 30 years of experience in space instrumentation and space missions. His research interests fall into two main areas: astrobiology, the search for life elsewhere in the universe; and interdisciplinary science, which include development and application of state-of-the-art instrumentation to forensics and disease diagnostics amongst others.


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Exploring Space: Challenges, Innovation, Management: Lessons for All


Designing, building for and working in Space provides some seemingly unique challenges for a project developer. Innovation, reliability and good management practices especially risk mitigation are key to success. Examples of each area and definitions of each are taken from the Beagle 2 project whereas we know now the UK and ESA successfully landed on Mars back in 2003. Lessons from this project have applications in many fields including Earth based IT technology development. The story of the finding of Beagle 2 after its apparent loss will be told, and the importance of Space as a strategic asset and the new approaches to Space Engineering will also illustrated by Mark Sims Beagle 2 Mission Manager, now Director of the Space Research Centre at the University of Leicester.