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Manon is creative director and Smart Brand evangelist at Arcbees. Adventurering the minds of others to design brands that captivate and engage, she fuses emotion and meaning at the heart of everything she does. She relentlessly looks for the profound meaning in all things in life and defines her work as “navigate people's minds”. A curious geekette and surrounded by gifted developers on a daily basis, merging her passion for the Brand with her fascination for technologies mainly artificial intelligence came instinctively. Inveterate traveller and challenges enthusiast, she tries to engage every developer and other human beings she meets about the Brand and its significance through her conference.


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Compassion-First Design for AI


Sure, AI offers endless opportunities. These new challenges are both exciting and scary. However, it’s important to remember what’s at the heart of it all: people. Forget AI-first, and lead with your heart. Compassion is the key to fostering meaningful and symbiotic human-AI relationships steeped in intimate emotionality and understanding. Thanks to AI-powered conversational environments and zero interface technologies, humans will be immersed in the most interconnected and intuitive of ways. But, how do we move away from creating these fragmented moment-based user experiences? Is the term “experience” still relevant in regards to these new immersive realities? It’s simple: compassion; it has no boundaries and is universally understood by all. That, and contextual personalization will empower us, as industry leaders, to make the shift from technology-enabled user experiences, and allow us to connect within our new immersive reality. But, that does beg the question: If compassion can be taught to machines, could we not teach it to humans? And, if we can create emotionally intelligent machine does that mean AI could potentially save humanity?