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Laurent is Head of Developer relations at Clever Cloud. He's also a nerdy metal head based in Paris and Devoxx Champion. He mostly wrotes code in Java and structured text in AsciiDoc, and often talks about data, reactive programming and other buzzwordy stuff. Laurent is also a former Developer Advocate for Couchbase and Nuxeo where he devoted his time and expertise in helping both communities grow bigger and stronger.


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Deploy a software factory under 15 minutes

Quickie Sessions

Having a software factory is pretty much mandatory these days. The whole point it to help you reduce your feedback loop and make sure you can deliver the right software at the right time.

This is something we have understood at Clever Cloud so we will show you how we deploy a full software factory under 15 minutes. That is to say a CI environment, a binary repository, a chat system among other things using common open source software.