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Koffi Alain Sessi is a strategic communicator and tech enthusiast with a passion for using branding and identity development to help tech experts further their personal reach. As Acquisitions Editor at Pluralsight, Koffi has helped tens of Java experts expand their brands and advance their careers through Pluralsight’s curated learning platform. His personal mission is to help people solve real-world problems through the strategic employment of communication.

Blog: https://app.pluralsight.com/library/

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Presentation 2.0: Five ways to engage your audience!

Quickie Sessions

Have you ever wondered why your presentation looks exactly the same as every sleep-inducing one you have ever seen? Most speakers wish to deliver a presentation that keeps the audience engaged from beginning to end. The key to accomplishing this resides outside of whichever tool you use. In this talk, we’ll look at five things you can do to improve your next presentation.

The ideas we will present are tool-agnostic. Every great presentation you have ever seen incorporates these five ideas. You will walk away from the talk with a new way to look at presentations and new tools in your presenter arsenal.