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Kapil Pau is a Computer Science student at Queen Mary, University of London, who is currently doing a placement year at IBM. His core role is in DevOps infrastructure for the IBM Integration Bus. He spends his spare time in the Hursley Makerspace making demos to go to conferences. His demos to date include making a Sphero BB8 droid and a robot car voice controlled, making a Twitter bot that takes tweets with a hashtag and runs image recognition on the image attached to it and then tweets what it sees. He has also made lots of demos using TJBots which are 3D printed or laser cut shells which have a Raspberry Pi, servo and LED, one of which he has made able to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with a user.

Blog: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kapilpau

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Beyond the PI - what’s next for the hacker in all of us?

BOF (Birds of a Feather)

Being a geek can be a tough life. Once you’ve got those LEDs blinking or that robot car moving around the fun can be over. So what else is there to play with? What other exciting ideas are out there? For the geek at heart this talk will showcase some of the new and newish tech thats available for you to play with. From AR to VR, from Mind control to autonomous drones we have a lot of everything and some of it will even be on display. Whether it’s tech you can wear or tech that swims we’ve got the insight. Bring your mind and let us refuel your imagination. Drooling optional.