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Josh Long is the Spring developer advocate at Pivotal. Josh is the lead author on 4 books and instructor in one of Safari's best-selling video series, all on Spring. Josh likes solutions that push the boundaries of the technologies that enable them. His interests include cloud-computing, business-process management, big-data and high availability, mobile computing and smart systems. He blogs on or on his personal blog and on Twitter (@starbuxman).


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The Spring BOF

BOF (Birds of a Feather)

A discussion opportunity for Spring-related topics: from Spring Framework 5.0 & 5.1 to JDK 10 & 11 and many things beyond.

ssj Server Side Java

Cloud Native Java, part deux


You know what nobody has ever said to me? "I wish you'd covered even more in your 45 minute 'Cloud Native Java' talk!" And I listened! In this talk, we'll look at Spring to support modern microservices development, focusing on the things that really matter (or, at least, the things we've got cooking in Spring Boot 2.0 and Spring Cloud Finchley, both due before April or so):

  • functions-as-a-service with Spring Cloud Function. We've got FUNCTIONS (wrapped in apps, in containers, running on servers, in datacenters)
  • functional reactive REST endpoints (totally different meaning for "function" here, though)
  • reactive programming with Spring Framework 5. Leverage flow control at every layer and make the most efficient use of every CPU when doing input/output. You're going to need every bit of efficiency that you can get after you've installed the patches for Spectre and Meltdown!
  • Kotlin. Yes, KOTLIN: you wanted Java and I'm giving it to you.. in libraries that I'll use from Kotlin.
  • messaging with Apache Kafka. Nothing funny here. It's just awesome.
  • Live on the edge with the new, reactive, rate-limiting, proxying, websocket-aware Spring Cloud Gateway
  • ASCII art!