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From Min Doktor

Johanna spends her days as a full-stack developer entrenched in Go and JavaScript, but her secret desire is to one day run a bakery and café on the side. She’s also one of the teachers at “Pink Programming”, a local user group that help girls and women experience the joy of coding.

If you need a conversation starter for the after party, ask her about the history of umami or what the best brand of yeast flakes are.

security Security

Security loves Dev. Healing misunderstanding gap.


Why is it that when a security person says ‘we should validate our inputs’, developers usually run away screaming about the unreasonably huge amount of work that requires? Why is it that when a developer says they ‘just made a quick hack to get things working’, security people start getting a panicked look in their eyes? What is it about Security and Development that the fields are so closely linked, yet nobody seems to understand each other clearly? Security and developers actually want the same thing, but due to a difference in terms and ways of seeing the world, good solutions are often missed.

Welcome to this talk, featuring a developer and a security pony trying to bridge the gap, and find a better way forward together.