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Johan Andrén is a senior developer and member of the Akka Team at Lightbend based out of Stockholm, Sweden. He has been working as a developer, consultant and mentor around Scala, Akka and Play Framework the last 5 years and Java the last 10. In his spare time he co-organizes Scala Usergroup Stockholm and when not in front of a keyboard he enjoys mountainbiking and bouldering.


ssj Server Side Java

Networks and Types -- the Future of Akka


In this talk we'll explore Akka's new Typed Actor APIs as well as the over-the-network Akka Streams and how they are able to marry Types with Networks. Akka does so while remaining true to its Erlang-inspired way of building "let it crash" style Reactive Systems, that can react and self heal from failures. As this idea is now becoming more mainstream than ever, we'll deep dive into these concepts, investigate the trade-offs, failure scenarios and healing mechanisms and how Akka helps to deal with the inherent complexities of such cloud-native systems.