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James has been working in commercial software delivery since the 1990s, back when TDD was something you studied but never did, pipelines were for carrying oil and "Agile" and "Lean" were words you used to describe athletes. More recently James spent 10 years at a startup before starting a new life as a Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks in 2015.

Blog: http://www.jamesbirnie.com/

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Are you an Architectologist?

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What is architecture? What is an architect?

In my experience the definition of architecture and architect in software delivery is inconsistent at best and misleading at worst.

I've come across a few different implementations of "architect". One that I find a lot is what I call an Architectologist. There is a certain type of organisation that has architectologists and their purpose is to solve a certain type of recurring problem. It is my belief that architectology is an antipattern.

I'll explain what architectology is, where to look for it and why it is an anti pattern. Hopefully you'll enjoy the journey with me.