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J. Rosenbaum is a contemporary figurative artist working in 3D modeling and exploring the boundaries of technology and art using physics based rendering, Deep Neural Networks and Unity to develop an Augmented Reality mobile application.

Following a car accident that impaired Rosenbaum’s mobility, they have turned their mind inwards exploring the nature of humanity, religion and gender through art. The human body has always been a source of fascination in Rosenbaum’s art with a focus on mythical and archaeological stories driving their progress. This has continued with their newest Computer Generated works with a basis in classical art and history.

Blog: http://www.jennierosenbaum.com

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The Future of Art


Most people are aware of the impact machine learning will have on jobs, on the future of research and autonomous machines, but few seem to be aware of the future role machine learning could play in the creative arts, in visual art and music. What will art be like when artists and musicians routinely work collaboratively with machines to create new and interesting artworks? What can we learn from art created using neural networks and what can we create? From the frivolous to the beautiful what does art created by computers look like and where can it take us? This talk will explore magenta in tensorflow and neural style in caffe, google deep dream, next Rembrandt, and convolutional neural networks, generative adversarial networks and more. I will look into some of the beautiful applications of machine learning in art and some of the ridiculous ones as well.