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Gaël Blondelle is co-Managing Director of the Eclipse Foundation in Europe. Gaël Blondelle has accumulated specialized experience with Open Source communities since 2002. Between 2010 and 2013, he has been manager of OPEES, a european project whose key result is the creation of PolarSys, the Eclipse Working Group dedicated to Open Source tools for Embedded Systems. Since he started in the software industry in 1996, Gaël has been working primarily in Telecommunications, IT and Embedded Systems industries. Since he joined the Eclipse Foundation in 2013, Gaël Blondelle is in charge of the development of the European ecosystem in Europe.


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Quickie Sessions

In the past few months, the Eclipse Foundation became the place to be for Enterprise Java technologies. Indeed, after the arrival of Eclipse MicroProfile and Eclipse OpenJ9, Oracle, together with other Java EE leaders, decided to open source Java EE at the Eclipse Foundation under the new name of Jakarta EE. Whether you are a developer or an architect, whether you are using the full profile or the web profile, you have the opportunity to participate in Eclipse GlassFish, Test Compatibility Kits, and even in the evolution of the specifications. Learn more about ti during this talk.