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From Simply Accessible, Inc.

Elle works on behalf of Simply Accessible with startups and enterprise level clients to build the foundation needed to integrate accessibility into every facet of corporate culture. She's worked with design, content, development, and testing teams to create agile, scalable methods to ensure more inclusive user experiences. Elle has a passion for all things agile, a fascination with emerging technology, and a healthy fear of zombies.

Blog: http://www.simplyaccessible.com

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Accessibility for UX: Don't Worry, It's Much Worse Than You Think


Create an easy-to-use digital experience that delights your user and reinforces the value of your business? Got it. Make all your designs adaptive to prepare for any and all devices that may be thrown your way? Check! Get leaner, get personalized, get localized, and oh, don’t forget to account for seniors and low-literacy users. Well, okay. Also, have you considered people with disabilities? Wait… what?

When we think about all that goes into mastering good UX, it’s no wonder that tackling accessibility can appear like a daunting, unrealistic burden. How can we consider all of these highly technical, specific user needs when we don’t even know how people with disabilities use the web? And, then, how do we include everyone without blowing a project budget or timeline?

In this session, we’ll explore the what, why, and how of accessible UX. After this experience, you’ll be equipped with five simple but powerful techniques you can integrate into your daily work to make your designs more inclusive for everyone.