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Recidivist Java programmer who has spent the last five years delivering streaming data platforms in Clojure.

Contributer to Netty, Alia, Arche, and projects related to Storm and Kafka (


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Streaming Data Platforms & Clojure


We take data, transform it, and put it somewhere. Clojure is a data-first language that harnesses the power of the JVM to excel in a data-intensive world.

If your requirements include high availability, realtime stream processing, linear scalability, or perhaps you just have an unreasonable amount of log data to wrangle then Apache Kafka and Apache Cassandra might be the right tools to adopt.

In this session we will live-code a Streaming Data Platform with Clojure, Kafka, and Cassandra, demonstrating the power of the REPL to explore ideas, and the power of the JVM to deliver a system that scales.