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From Amazon Web Services

Danilo works with startups and companies of any size to support their innovation. In his role as Technical Evangelist at Amazon Web Services, he leverages his experience to help people bring their ideas to life, focusing on event-driven programming and serverless architectures, and on the technical and business impact of machine learning and edge computing. He is the author of AWS Lambda in Action from Manning.

Blog: https://danilop.net

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A Future without Servers

Opening Keynote

Do we need servers? Do we need to know what our apps are using for their execution? When we first started thinking of generic problem-solving machines, the goal was not about the implementation. It was about gaining speed and control. Over time, we replaced gears with vacuum tubes, transistors with silicon chips. With quantum computers we are going to move from “bits” to “qubits”.

Customers told us what they wanted to minimize while building applications, and the architectural patterns they were repeating. “It's all about the code, the app, the functions”, so we worked backward from there and serverless computing came along.