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Dan Hardiker is CTO / Co-Founder of Adaptavist and has been leading a team of experts manage Atlassian applications at scale for the better part of a decade. Working with the largest Atlassian customers across the globe has given Adaptavist the opportunity to develop best practices for managing, monitoring and maintaining applications of all shapes and sizes.

Dan regularly speaks at tech conferences around the world, but usually spends most of his time helping Adaptavist's clients get the most business value out of their Atlassian application stack, and the ALM processes that they support.

Blog: http://dan.hardiker.co.uk

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GDPR for Developers

BOF (Birds of a Feather)

“Privacy by Design and Default” is great, but what does that really mean for you as a developer? What is PII, a SAR, or PIA? What considerations do I need to make when architecting, designing and deploying my applications?

We'll cover all this and more as we explain what the GPDR is, explain the terminology, debunk the urban myths and help you continue to build awesome software, fully supportive of data privacy.