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Damian Saunders has a twenty-five year career spanning both the financial services and technology sectors. Specialising in enterprise cyber-security in recent years, he has worked mostly with early-phase technology in areas such as cloud computing, network virtualisation and open source security. As Director of Software Composition Analysis at Synopsys, he runs a business dedicated to helping European organisations better understand their use of public domain software and how to manage its attendant risks.

Blog: https://www.blackducksoftware.com

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Security in the Age of Open Source

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The use of open source software is ubiquitous worldwide because of the economic and time-to-market benefits it delivers. Simply put, open source is the way application are developed today.

Securing and managing the open source in applications is more critical than ever because applications are the #1 attack target and open source often comprises 50% or more of the code in an application.

Increasingly organizations are recognizing that open source vulnerabilities represent their greatest application security risk and are seeking innovative solutions to reduce that risk profile.