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Teaching kids about machine learning


Groups like Code Club, CoderDojo, Code.org and many others are doing amazing work in helping to introduce kids to coding. Initiatives like Hour of Code have highlighted how those of us in tech can help to support and inspire the next generation of developers.

How can we extend this to include artificial intelligence and machine learning? How can we use the cloud-based machine learning APIs that are increasingly available to us as developers to extend the tools used to teach kids about coding?

In this session, I'll share the work I've been doing to introduce machine learning to kids, and demo the resources that are available to give kids hands-on experiences at training and using machine learning models for themselves.

If you're familiar with AI and ML technologies, this session will hopefully enable you to share your expertise with local schools, colleges and coding groups. If you're not as familiar with ML, this session will show you how quick and simple cloud-based machine learning APIs today, and perhaps inspire you to use them in your next project.