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Software Engineer for Blue4IT working consultancy based on mainly Java projects for the Top-100 companies in the Netherlands. Currently working on a project at Rabobank ICT. Passionate about Java, (Pure) Functional Programming and Cybersecurity. Co-writer on the published Research paper: Plagiarism Detection for Haskell with Holmes. Besides being an engineer he is a Reservist at the Royal Netherlands Air Force and a Taekwondo Teacher.


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Java 8: the good, the bad and the ugly


Although Java 9 is now publicly released in practice people still work on Java 8 or are not even migrated to Java 8 yet. Java 8 brought us some 'life changing' new code constructions. Now it is time to look back and evaluate what java 8 brought us in practice. With great syntax possibilities you can still write utterly ugly code.What is a good way to use Java 8 syntax? How functional is Java 8 really and is Optional the life saver some people promised it to be?