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Aviran is the head of engineering at Wix.com. He has over 25 years of experience in the software industry and has filled many engineering roles and leading positions, from designing and building the US national Electronic Records Archives prototype to building search engine infrastructures. Aviran is a tech-savvy and a technology blogger, with vast knowledge of internet technologies, software development, team building, continuous delivery and a dev-centric culture advocate.

Blog: http://www.aviransplace.com

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You got arrested by the CAP, you have the right to remain consistent


Scaling your application servers is easy with microservices, but the actual scaling and operation challenge is the data. Your database is your bottleneck and the biggest scaling and availability concern. Working with a large scale distributed system entails many challenges in data processing.

How do you handle distributed transactions?

How to scale your data beyond a single data center and how to handle the eventual consistency state that you may cause by doing that?

How do you migrate data and database schemas without downtime?

And many more issues when the world of microservices and large scale meets databases.

In this talk we’ll try to answer this kind of questions, by exploring some patterns used by Wix.com, which operates hundreds of microservices and petabytes of data across multiple datacenters, as well as multiple clouds on a large scale. Hopefully you can adapt some of these patterns to better handle your data.