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Artur is very passionate about tech and has worked throughout his career on all layers of the stack. Currently building data-driven smart systems in a startup for elderly care using Nodejs + React + React Native.

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A thunk a saga and an epic walk into a bar...


The Bartender asks: "- What is the state of affairs ?" In this talk I will explore the various ways to manage state and side effects in React applications. Today we have multiple libraries doing very similar things and I will be comparing thunks, sagas and epics. We start by having a look at how Redux middleware works and how we can use it to wait for third party API calls. After that let's have a look at how to manage atomicity requirements using sagas, throttling and debouncing requests to prevent API stressing and gaining fine grained control over your HTTP requests. You will walk away with knowledge of how to manage the state in your client app in a modular way and having more control over your applications data.