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From Code First:Girls

Amali is the CEO of Code First:Girls. She helps young women to demystify the world of tech, and helps the businesses who hire them understand how to hire and support talent better.

She previously worked as a consultant at PwC, which included a secondment to World Economic Forum. She also worked as a senior brand and business research and strategy consultant at TNS Global, where she advised organisations ranging from global banks to multinational retailers on stakeholder management, product, brand, and digital engagement strategies.

Outside of the day job, she works as a small business mentor through Start-up direct. She has also advised and mentored on a number of senior and youth leadership development programmes such as


method_archi Methodology & Culture

Flood the UK and Ireland with female tech talent

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Code First: Girls’ 20:20 campaign aims to train 20,000 women to code for free by the end of 2020. The campaign builds on Code First: Girls’ achievements in teaching over 5,000 women to code in the last 3 years.

Code First: Girls works to close the gender skills gap by helping women develop the coding and leadership skills they need to fill these roles and increase their representation in technology and entrepreneurship, for their benefit and also for the benefit of the entire U.K. digital economy.