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Software engineer with solid experience in large scale software development. Passionate about software development process and technologies.

Developed trading systems; microservices architecture for World leading social casino games; built infrastructure backend services for a unicorn startup in Silicon Valley with 300+ million users.

Currently working on payments fraud detection infrastructure at Google. Clean coder, test-driven developer.

architecture Architecture

gRPC vs REST: let the battle begin!


Let's get ready to rumble! Are you developing microservices or just considering splitting your monolith? Thinking what is the right way for your services to communicate with each other? gRPC is a modern high performance RPC framework backed by Google, while REST is an established architectural pattern for designing distributed systems. We will discuss pros and cons of each approach, going deep and wide, leaving no stone unturned, outlining landmines and showing best practices. In the end the audience can decide what is the right choice for them and their projects.