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Adam Farley
Adam Farley

From IBM

Adam Farley is a developer in the OpenJDK team at IBM. He works with Java code stored in GIT repositories, and builds said code in custom Docker containers.

With a background primarily in test and testing infrastructures, this techno-polyglot has worked with Java, Bash, Make, Ant, more Java, C, Perl, PHP, even more Java, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and every other language he can find an excuse to explore. Other escapades include three years of volunteer work teaching primary school children how to code games, attending a cross-section of technology meetups, and correcting everyone who has ever spelt "colour" without a "u".


method_archi Methodology & Culture

5 Ways to Make the OpenJDK Community Hate You

Quickie Sessions

This talk covers the mistakes I made and/or saw while attempting to contribute to OpenJDK, along with some advice OpenJDK community members have given me. Examples include:
- "Proposing Large, Sweeping Changes as a Newbie"
- "Expecting the Community to Write All the Code"
- "Insulting The People Who Are Trying To Help You."
- "Deploying Bots in Community Mailing Lists and IRC Channels."