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Thursday from 5:15 PM til 6:05 PM

Call me a pedant, but it makes me scream - "We are doing Agile" - we hear it all the time... I will argue that "doing Agile" is no more appropriate than "doing French". I'll be introducing the Organisational Behavoural concept of Organisational Culture, linking it into the Agile Manifesto and discussing how Process, Policy and Procedure relate to Organisational Culture. By the end of this talk, you will either "Be Agile" or at least be able to recognise the symptoms of Agile and describe why your current employer is not...

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Steve Pitchford Steve Pitchford

By day, development manager for Web-mapping firm, majestic.com, by night, founder of West Midlands Java User Group. Despite current management experience, Steve is very much a software engineer at heart, having been exposed to computing via the "video genie" and early 8bit Atari Computers. After dabbling in a little bit of development on the Atari ST, he graduated to proper computers at Aston University, back when the web, and java, were relatively new things. A former technical architect of jungle.com in the first dotcom boom, Steve now invests time trying to promote software development to the next generation of software engineers.