RSJ-9607 Automating resilience testing with Docker and Property Based testing | Devoxx
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Thursday from 4:10 PM til 5:00 PM

If you have read Michael Nygard's "Release it!" you know that a downstream service going down is just one of the many modes of failure that your new service will need to handle in production, and it is not the worse one.

To make your system resilient, you also have to worry about networks going slow, disks getting full or third party services disappearing.

How can we test those scenarios and make them part of our build pipeline?

But most outages are due to unforeseen interactions and unexpected circumstances. So how can you write a test case that you don't know that you want to test?

In this session, you will learn how use Docker and property based testing to automate the resilience testing of your system.

 Service resiliency    Docker Engine    Next Generation Testing  
Daniel Lebrero Daniel Lebrero

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