LAO-5742 Cluster your MicroProfile Application using CDI and JCache | Devoxx
ssj Server Side Java

Room A

Thursday from 1:45 PM til 2:35 PM

Microprofile is a new platform definition that optimizes Enterprise Java for a microservices architecture and delivers application portability across multiple runtimes. You can use a subset of the Java EE spec to develop Microprofile applications, with JAX-RS, CDI and JSON-P. Now you need to make it highly available and scalable across a large number of machines. The session will feature a live coding demo where we will turn this Microprofile application, into a fully clustered application using a CDI extension and producers to integrate Hazelcast as a JCache provider. Finally, to show you how light it is, we will run the entire cluster in a set up of Raspberry PI's.

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Roberto Cortez Roberto Cortez

My name is Roberto Cortez and I am a professional Java Developer working in the software development industry, with more than 10 years of experience in business areas like Finance, Insurance and Government.

As a Freelancer / Independent Contractor I travelled around the world to customers, but also to attend Java conferences. The direct contact with the Java community made me want to become an active member in the community itself. For that reason, I have created the Coimbra JUG, started to contribute to Open Source on Github and launched my own blog.

Currently, I’m working with Tomitribe. I’m very excited to work with all the amazing tribers working hard to make TomEE a compelling Java EE server.

Jonathan Gallimore Jonathan Gallimore

Jonathan Gallimore is a passionate Apache TomEE committer, developer and trainer at Tomitribe. He is a user-turned-contributor of Open Source software, starting with Apache TomEE since 2007. At that time it was OpenEJB and later became TomEE. Jon worked on numerous features including EJB 3.1 compliance, OpenEJB Eclipse Plug-in, early Tomcat 7 integration (that became the basis for TomEE) and the first version of the TomEE Arquillian adapter. Over the years he contributed technical write-ups to JAX Magazine and the Tomitribe blog. Jon is a speaker at local JUGs, JAX London and ApacheCon.