IKD-0045 Quickstart Hibernate OGM to tame an Infinispan distributed key/value store | Devoxx
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Thursday from 12:55 PM til 1:10 PM

With NoSQL and “cloud native” storage technologies becoming reliable and with so many benefits to offer, it’s time for adoption. But how to get started? Guess what - NoSQL technologies don’t talk SQL. You’ll have to learn new APIs, a new vocabulary, avoid new kinds of concurrency traps, not to mention the burden of introducing a new API in your framework of choice. In this presentation we’ll see how Hibernate OGM can help you kickstart integration with NoSQL in your Java projects, and we’ll make practical examples using Infinispan over the high performance “Hot Rod” remote protocol. You’ll learn how to perform CRUD operations on this distributed key/value store with minimal changes to your stack, using well known JPA APIs. We’ll also see what OGM handles for you, providing an overview to in-memory data grid programming.

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Sanne Grinovero Sanne Grinovero

Sanne Grinovero has been a member of the Hibernate team for ten years, always having an interest in performance, scalability, and exploring its integration with new storage technologies and query engines. After falling in love with Hibernate Search as a user first, then as contributor, Sanne now leads this open source project in his role of Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat. Curiosity for distributed systems led him to contribute to the Infinispan project; he co-founded the Hibernate OGM project with the aim of making NoSQL technologies more approachable to the Java ecosystem. He has lived in the Netherlands, Italy, Santo Domingo, Chile, Portugal and currently hacks in London.