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Adventures in Clojurescript & Reactive Apps

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Lab Room B

Friday from 11:15 AM til 1:15 PM

Building modern reactive full-stack webapps with Javascript feels like being an explorer in a wild frontier, you never know when something is going to bite you!

Clojurescript is a well designed functional programming language allowing developers to concentrate on what their webapps should do, rather than be tied up in the mechanics of the language. The dynamic nature of ClojureScript supports highly interactive development for rapid prototyping; coupled with a built-in specification library & generative testing you can easily develop a robust and well defined codebase.

By encouraging immutability via persistent data structures and using the core.async library to write asynchronous code in a synchronous style, you gain huge performance boost whilst clearly reasoning about your code.

Reactive apps are supported by Clojurescript libraries or using React.js directly.

Discover how you can generate highly optimised JavaScript through dead code elimination as well as simple interoperability with poplular Javascript libraries, giving you a modern way to build complex web apps.

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John Stevenson John Stevenson

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