AGP-7168 Data Science Is Easy Right? | Devoxx
bigdata Big Data & Machine Learning

Room D

Thursday from 4:10 PM til 5:00 PM

The presentation touches on the past, present and future of Data Science, particularly focusing on the current goals and challenges. We will look at the patterns around successful (and less successful) journeys from innovation to production and the technology frameworks available. The presentation showcases an Analytical Design Pattern that takes IoT data and applies Machine Learning in a real time Stream. Finally we take a look at the emerging trends for data science around cognitive AI and Deep Learning.

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Ian Sharp Ian Sharp

Ian Sharp is the Lead Data Scientist for Oracle UK with over 15 years’ experience with Oracle Core Technology, specialising in Machine Learning, Statistics and Business Analytics. Ian has helped customers deliver analytical successes across Finance, Media, Entertainment, Retail and Commercial industries as well as Public Sector. Prior to working with Oracle, Ian was a Solutions Manager for leading Predictive Analytics vendors SPSS as well as a Data Solutions Architect at Microsoft.