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Stephen is a Developer Advocate on the Angular Team at Google. Stephen works to solve real world problems faced by developers and businesses, and to represent the needs of the community within the Angular team.


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Angular and RxJS


Reactive programming principles are continuing to spread across the web as developers look for ways to increase productivity and code quality. Learn about how Angular empowers developers by leveraging reactive principles throughout the platform, and how to make your own code better with RxJS.

Speaker Q&A

Who should attend your session?

Anyone that wants to build larger, faster, more maintainable applications. People who have heard about RxJS, but want to understand what it is and how to use it.

What are the 'next steps' for an attendee to take after attending your session?

After you attend my talk, the next step would be to give RxJS a try in your Angular application.

What's your favourite place in the UK?

Not sure...

[Editors note: so Devoxx UK - of course!]

What support does Angular have for Reactive Programming?

Angular has reactive programming built in throughout the framework. You can see reactive thinking in our Router, in our HTTP library, and in the ways that we let you control change detection at various levels throughout your application.

Why is Reactive Programming important?

Reactive programming is important because it makes building large applications faster and more maintainable.