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Pär Sikö has been working with Java since its inception and tried everything from architecture and large-enterprise systems to mobile devices. As a developer, Sikö is curious and thorough and knows the importance of pixels and colors. Sikö’s focus on making beautiful applications is a deliberate strategy that has paid off numerous times. Sikö has been a busy speaker for the last couple of years, presenting on the international stage as well as at Swedish conferences. He was named a JavaOne RockStar for his presentation in San Francisco 2011. For Sikö, the key success factor in a presentation is mixing good content with a big portion of humor and he wishes that more people would dare to step away from boring bullet lists.

Blog: www.jayway.com/blog

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Programming your body with chip implants


Would you put a chip in your body if it meant a longer and healthier life? Would you put a chip in your body in order to open doors, withdraw money from an ATM, and to safely store sensitive data?

This session will introduce you to connected bodies, look at the possibilities available today and end by discussing a few important things we can expect in the future:

Medical reasons - what if we could implant thousands of chips and let them monitor vital parts of the body?

Identification - what if we could use chip implants as identification. No more pin codes , no more cards, no more finger prints, all that's needed is a connected body.

Tracking - what if we could publish our "body status" and whereabouts as a service? Insurance companies can base the cost on how inclined we are to take risks. Store owners can target ads to fit your "body status".

The speaker has been wearing a chip implant for a year and the audience will get the possibility to test the chip with there mobile phones.