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Java Champion and Developer Advocate at Okta with a passion for skiing, mountain biking, VWs, and good 🍺. Driving a '66 21-window and a '90 Syncro. Made in Montana. @mraible on Twitter.


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The Ultimate Getting Started with Angular Workshop

Hands-on Labs

Learn how to set your environment up from scratch, develop a simple app, test it, integrating CSS frameworks (Angular Material or Bootstrap), secure it with OpenID Connect, and deploy it to the cloud.


  • Node.js
  • npm
  • Angular CLI
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Microservices for the Masses with Spring Boot, JHipster, and JWT


Microservices are all the rage and being deployed by many Java Hipsters. If you’re working on a large team that needs different release cycles for product components, microservices can be a blessing. If you’re working at your VW Restoration Shop and running its online store with your own software, having five services to manage and deploy can be a real pain. Share your knowledge and experience about microservices in this informative and code-heavy talk.

We’ll use JHipster (a Yeoman generator) to create Angular + Spring Boot apps on separate instances with a unified front-end. I’ll also show you options for securing your API gateway and individual applications using JWT. Heroku, Kubernetes, Docker, ELK, Spring Cloud, Okta; there will be plenty of interesting demos to see!

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Blind Ignite

Ignite Sessions

Matt finds out the subject of this Blind Ignite talk at the same time as the audience - when the slides start. After the intensity of a hectic conference day, join us for something improvised - it could be hectic, it will be fun!

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Front Ends for Back End Developers


Are you a backend developer that’s being pushed into front end development? Are you frustrated with all JavaScript frameworks and build tools you have to learn to be a good UI developer? If so, this session is for you! We’ll explore the tools of the trade for fronted development (npm, yarn, Gulp, Webpack, Yeoman) and learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We’ll dive into the intricacies of Bootstrap, Material Design, ES6, and TypeScript. Finally, after getting you up to speed with all this new tech, we’ll show how it can all be found and integrated through the fine and dandy JHipster project.