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Greg is a backend Scala developer at He's been using Scala in production for 5 years. In the last few years, he's gotten into teaching - initially getting involved with the Code Club initiative to each primary school children how to code. Now he's teaching colleagues at his company how to use Scala.

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Full Stack Scala with the Play Framework and Scala.js


JavaScript front-ends are getting richer and codebases larger. TypeScript has seen good adoption as the static typing helps with a growing codebase. I think Scala.js, when combined with Scala on the backend, is even better! In Scala.js the types are not optional, and you can even share code between your backend and front-end. In this talk, we will look at how to build rich web apps end-to-end with Scala. We will start with an introduction to the Play framework, a traditional MVC framework which can be used for the backend. Then we will look at Scala.js – what it is, why you might want to use it, and how to use it – specially with the Play framework. We will also take a look at how developed the ecosystem around Scala.js is, and how you can use existing JavaScript libraries.