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Chris Sharp
Chris Sharp

From IBM

Chris Sharp is a Senior Technical Staff Member and Master Inventor in IBM, based at their UK R&D Lab in Hursley. He leads major DevOps transformation efforts across IBM, but has performed various roles throughout his career from operating very old mainframes, creating the first intranet website in IBM, developing Java 0.9 applets, designing middleware for the video games industry, architecting web services standards and building hybrid development clouds. He is a Fellow of the BCS, a member of the IBM Academy of Technology, and cares passionately about software as a craft. He is an inveterate tinkerer with an incurable curiosity and belief that anyone can build anything.


geek Mind the Geek

From 8-bits to Qubits: Why I love being a programmer and why now is the best time to be one.


We all became programmers for some reason. In this personal journey, Chris explores how the nature of being a programmer and the relationship between hardware and software continues to change over time, how our ability to control the world through programming continues to increase, and how the alchemical magic of creating something out of nothing continues to drive his and others passion for the art and craft of programming. The future continues to be written by programmers...what might that look like in the age of quantum computing and machine learning?