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Devoxx UK 2017 Schedule

Thursday, 11th May

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Friday, 12th May

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Ignite Sessions  

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The Devoxxians

We're welcoming rock star speakers from around the globe, see the full list here.


Informal evening sessions of 1 hour designed for audience participation. A host will kick off proceedings and open the floor for audience members to provide opinions and suggest actions.

Quickie Sessions

15 minute sessions held during the lunch breaks, there give the chance to present a quickfire view, explanation or delve into a particular subject.

Ignite Sessions

These are 5 minute sessions held on Thursday evening, with 20 slides auto-forwarding every 15 seconds. Not for the faint-hearted, there sessions are meant to “ignite” the audience on a subject, whereby awareness, thought, and action are generated on the subjects presented.

Hands-on labs

Practical hands-on sessions of 2 hours with maximum of 40 people per room. Attendees will need to prepare their machines for Labs in advance so that sessions get underway promptly.

Conference Sessions

Conference talks are 50 minutes in duration and run throughout Thursday & Friday.